Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fiddlin' Around and Havin' a Beer

This past weekend I visited KC Strings, a music store in Mirriam, Kansas that is devoted to stringed instruments. I was there with my brother Bob, he dropped off a violin bow for restringing while we were on our way to the Home and Lawn and Garden Show at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. I only had my little Olympus point and shoot camera with me, but I liked all the violins hanging down in neat rows.

I have been staying in Jefferson City, MO this past week and found this great brew pub called Prison Brews. As you might guess it has a prison decor and all the brews have a prison themed name. The one I am getting ready to enjoy is called "I've Gone A-Rye Pale Ale. If you are in the vicinity of Jeff. City, you should try it. Great atmosphere, great beer and great food - my kind of place!


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