Monday, April 12, 2010

Acer Netbook

For some time now I have been looking for an internet/photo storage device to take with me on a cross country bicycle trip. I will be taking pictures as I go and wanted to back them up and to connect to the internet when I find a hot spot so I can update my TransAm Blog. I thought a netbook would be perfect for this. Small, lightweight, inexpensive and would do the job. Every sales person I talked to in every store I went to said no the processor would not handle the photos, then tried to upgrade me to a full size laptop at twice the size and weight and three time the price. I think stores do not want to sell the cheaper netbooks. I then Googled netbooks and photography and found several photo sites that use netbooks just as I intended to and they are very happy with them. They are not sufficient for photo editing: sluggish and small screen. I purchased this Acer Aspire One and am very pleased with the performance. I am writing and posting this blog using it. I think all the brands are about the same. This one has an 8 hour battery life, and wi-fi two important things to me. I will be able to use it for photo backups, connecting to the internet and updating my blog, writing a daily journal, and checking email. I'm sure I'll find other things to use it for, but I'm happy with this.


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