Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bad weather and silly birds.

Yea, I know it has been two weeks, but I just haven't felt it. The weather has been crappy, at least during times I could enjoy it. This weekend was the worst. Four inches of snow. One of the photos above is from Shawnee Mission Park. I thought it would be a good place to get some nice snow pictures, but Saturday was opening day of trout season at the lake and there were lots of people. On top of that most of the lake roads were closed to traffic. I do think the photo captures the eye and takes it for a nice tour through the picture.

The first picture is of my finch feeder with a Red Headed Woodpecker trying to steal a snack. He is much too big for the feeder, but trying to hang on anyway. I thought it was kind of comical.

Speaking of birds, the Jayhawks keep on winning. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! - Sorry Missouri :( NOT!

Hang on everyone, Spring has to be just around the corner.

Billh :)

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